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of New Jersey and Pennsylvania




Trial Attorneys

"Michael E. Riley of Moorestown Named Among Ten Leading Criminal Defense Attorneys of Southern New Jersey"

Serving New Jersey and Pennsylvania

The Law Offices of Riley & Riley specializes in employment litigation including:

  • New Jersey Wage and Hour Law

  • Title VII

  • Age Discrimination in Employment Act

  • Older Worker Benefit Protect Act

  • New Jersey Law Against Discrimination

  • New Jersey Conscientious Employee Protection Act

  • Fair Labor Standards Act

The firm also represents clients involved in other civil litigation areas including:

  • Education Law

  • Equal Opportunity Claims

  • Contract Negotiation

  • Due Process Hearings

  • Special Education Issues

  • Construction Litigation

  • Construction Defect Claims

  • Construction Liens

  • Construction Personal Injury Claims

  • Products Liability Claims

  • Auto Accidents

  • Section 1983 Actions

  • Health Care Fraud

  • Identity Theft

  • Immigration Fraud

  • Insurance Fraud

  • International Crimes

  • Internet Fraud

  • Investment Fraud

  • Mail Fraud

  • Money Laundering

  • Prescription Drug Fraud

  • Public Corruption

  • Racketeering

  • Securities Fraud

  • Tax Fraud

  • Telemarketing Fraud

  • White Collar Crimes

  • Wire Fraud


Serving New Jersey

The Law Offices of Riley & Riley specializes in criminal litigation, including:

  • Homicide

  • Antitrust

  • Appeals

  • Bank Fraud

  • Bankruptcy Fraud

  • Bribery

  • Computer Hacking

  • Conspiracy Crimes

  • Counterfeiting

  • Credit Card Fraud

  • Currency Structuring

  • Embezzlement

  • Environmental Crimes

  • Extortion

  • Federal Crimes

  • Federal Investigations

  • Forgery

  • Grand Jury Representation

  • Habeas Corpus

  • Hate Crimes



We invite you to call us at 609-914-0300 and to speak to us regarding your legal needs.  "We make sure people have choices, and that they're protected," says Riley. With decades of experience on their side, the team of trial lawyers employs thorough investigation practices to bring you justice. No matter how unpopular the defense position might be, everyone still deserves a fair trial.

John Adams, second U.S. President, defended the British soldiers during the well-known Boston massacre of 1770. Adams himself considered his role in the defense to have been one of the “best pieces of service” he ever rendered to his country. In 2007 Michael Riley found himself in a similarly unpopular position as his defense role was compared to that of John Adams’ legacy. Read More (page 40).

"A 70 percent drop in lawsuit payouts and a recent court-ordered city reimbursement show new litigation strategies aimed at cutting legal costs previously criticized as exorbitant are working." 

- The Press of Atlantic City published on Nov. 15, 2011


“There’s nothing on the table — in fact, there is no table.” Read More.

- City Solicitor Bruce Ward


High-Profile Defenders of the Constitution

Barbara Walters Inerview

"When the federal government brings charges against you, especially if they're related to terrorism, you are up against a massive machine, and the only thing you have left is the Constitution." - Michael E. Riley 


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Michael E. Riley, Esq.

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Tracy Riley, Esq.

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Tel:  (609) 914-0300

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